Clay is one of the oldest and healthiest building materials. Clay plasters are a unique because they combine health benefits with the visual ones. Clay is an exceptionally plastic material. Since it is easier to shape than any other material, it offers us a wide range of interior finishing. One can give an individual character to the interior, freely shaping the wall surfaces, both in terms of the structure and the form. The advantages of clay plasters have been known for many generation. Let s remind most important of them.

I They are a natural moisture regulator, they give and absorb moisture, depending on the changes occurring in a particular room. Clay plasters will absorb the moisture produced in the room and give it back when the air is too dry.

II Owing to their weight, they absorb heat very well and give it back when the room becomes cooler.

III They limit mites and dust in the air.

IV They are capable of binding and neutralizing odors.

V They insulate against electrical and electromagnetic radiation.

VI They positively affect the room acoustics. A considerable mass of clay plaster provides good acoustic insulation, which can additionally be strengthened by the application of an uneven sound-diffusing surface.

VII  They are neutral to the human body, and as such they do not cause irritations or allergies.

VIII They are not flammable.

IX The walls covered with a clay plaster maintain vapor permeability.

X Rooms covered with clay plasters are characterized by a friendly micro-climate and a beautiful scent.

We are working with 100% natural Saviukumaja's clay plasters. The plasters have been tested on the German standard for earth plasters. According to that Saviukumaja's clay plasters belong to the higher strenght-class SII.